When To Use A Credit Repair Company

Do you have bad credit? Do you want to stop paying exorbitant interest rates on your various loans and credit cards because of your bad credit? It’s hard to do it by yourself, as you possibly have no idea how credit scores are calculated, or if your credit score can be improved. 

If you can relate to the above, you most likely should get the services of a credit repair company, like us at Next Level Credit. But is it really worthwhile to hire us or other credit repair companies?

Well, our primary task is to improve your credit history to raise your credit score. We examine your credit report for unfavorable issues such as charge-offs, judgments, and tax liens. We then devise a strategy to help you out. You pretty much leave everything to us so you can go on with your daily life. Sounds convenient, right?

If you’re ready to fix your credit, we are more than happy to assist you. But of course, you might be wondering why you can’t just do it yourself. In no particular order, here are a few reasons when to use a credit repair company.


We have the expertise you need.

Unless your work involves money and credit, you probably have no idea where to start with your repairs. A professional credit repair firm knows all of the rules that control the credit industry, including the FCRA, FACTA, FDCPA, and even HIPPA laws. This means that when you hire a credit repair company, you will have an expert on your side who is well-versed in the credit restoration process. If you are not confident in the process but still try to do it yourself, you may mistakenly do something that may harm your credit rating and further lower your credit scores. That’s something you want to avoid at all costs.


Credit repair is a time-consuming process.

Here’s a sad fact: creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus will exploit every opportunity available to ensure that repairing your credit will take a long time. They understand that when confronted with a long, tiresome process and some strongly worded legal letters, most customers become disheartened and will give up. By hiring a professional to assist you with credit repair, you will get the help and support you need to stay the course.

Among the basic credit restoration tasks that credit repair companies handle are:

  • Identifying the best consumer protection legislation for your specific circumstances
  • Notifying the proper creditor or credit bureau of the problem
  • Carry out follow-up steps depending on the responses received
  • Keeping track of correspondence and papers

Imagine doing all this by yourself, while you still have to work, take care of your family, and so on. When will you find the time to even study anything related to credit restoration? During your free time? Studying means you won’t have any! Hiring a credit repair company will most likely get you faster results.

Also, keep in mind that generally, credit rebuilding takes about three to six months. If credit repair is the only thing you need to do with your life, that won’t be a problem. However, that’s not usually the case.


There is no emotional connection.

Are you a highly emotional person? Even if not, even the calmest person can become slightly panicked when dealing with financial or legal concerns. Emotion is not your friend when it comes to these things. We understand, but at the same time, getting emotional will be very disadvantageous for you. Frustration can rapidly turn into rage, which creditors and collection agencies use to trick people into unknowingly verifying their debt. That in turn can be harmful in the long run. And it’s not going to help your reputation if you end up shouting expletives at various offices. 

If you want to avoid any emotional outbursts, it is best to hire a credit repair company. We can fix damaged credit with no emotional attachment to your case. Therefore, we can guarantee that we can deal with your situation in a cool, collected manner. We’ll be able to talk to those you owe money to with clear heads and without allowing emotions to interfere. We’ll be able to help you get a solution to your credit score problems.


You want to save money.

We know what you’re thinking. How can hiring a credit repair company help you save money? The fee of a credit restoration company is typically around $19 to $149 per month! If you don’t hire anyone, you’re going to save more money, right? 

Well, not exactly. It might seem to be more expensive at first to hire us or other credit repair companies, but listen to us: it will save you money. You see, if you choose to handle the entire process by yourself, you will need to get the services of a lawyer. And lawyers are actually a lot more expensive than hiring us. Also, the longer the process it takes to repair your credit, the higher your debts will rise as long as they’re not resolved.


Credit repair companies have all the resources needed to repair your credit.

Do you know what credit repair companies have that you don’t? They have a lot of resources that are needed to repair your credit. They have the lawyers they know can do what is needed. They have knowledge of different policies. They know the right people to call when they need to get things done. If you plan to do credit repair yourself, you may have to do your own research first, which will take up time. You’ll also have to do plenty of trial and error, which you can’t really afford.


Hire a credit repair company today!

Those are some of the reasons for getting the services of a credit repair company. Convinced yet? If you’re struggling with a low credit score and need professional credit repair services, Next Level Credit is the best credit repair firm in Anderson. We care about your situation and we’re here to help you earn your best credit yet. 

We assist all of our customers in reaching their credit score goals. We can help you repair your credit by addressing and deleting incorrect negative items. This allows you to regain control of your housing loans, vehicle loans, credit cards, and other financial obligations.

Get proven results quickly! We’ve assisted thousands of clients around the country in removing erroneous, unjust, and unverifiable negative things from their credit reports. The outcomes of our clients speak for themselves. You can check out our Testimonials section regarding this.

Wondering how we can help you? Well, inquiries, derogatory and delinquent items, collections, charge-offs, late payments, repossessions, bankruptcies, evictions, student loans, and even child support can all be removed by our professionally trained staff.

So what are you waiting for? Take action right now! Repair your credit to obtain the homes, automobiles, apartments, jobs, and even credit cards you genuinely deserve. Level up your credit, and you’ll be able to level up your life! Contact us today for quick and straightforward credit repair in south carolina. Your consultation with us is free!

How To Rebuild Your Credit

Here’s something that holds true for everyone: a solid credit score is required to qualify for loans, credit cards, and more. Sadly, it takes just a few things to ruin your credit score. A late payment here, a missed payment there, and your credit score can immediately slip below the acceptable number. And the worse your credit becomes, the more difficult it becomes to get approved for things you may need, like loans for home construction. Even your insurance rates may be affected by your bad credit score.

It takes many years to restore your credit score fully. But don’t worry – it’s not impossible. While you won’t be able to instantly remove the negative items from your credit report, the earlier you take steps to rebuild your credit, the earlier there will be improvements. Here are some things you can do to rebuild your credit.


Stop buying things with your credit card.

One major source of low credit scores is credit card debt because it’s easy to just use your credit card at the spur of the moment. Remove your cards from your wallet and put them somewhere secure. Furthermore, erase all saved credit card info from sites you used to buy from so your cards don’t get any additional debt. Consider utilizing the old-school cash envelope budgeting approach. Paying cash for everything makes you feel it more, resulting in you doing less of it. If you really have to buy something online, use a debit card rather than a credit card, so you’re just limited to the funds in your account.


Look over your credit report.

Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, the three major credit agencies, all allow you to see your credit report once a year without impacting your credit score. Once you have the credit report, examine every account that appears on your credit record, whether open or closed. Here are some things you should watch out for:

  • If there are incorrect account numbers, names, or addresses on your records
  • You have accounts that have been closed but are still advertised as active
  • Credit card accounts are credited to you but are not in your name, such as debts belonging to an ex-spouse
  • There are multiple appearances of a single account
  • There is a balance or credit limit on an open account that is incorrect
  • Payment information is inaccurate, such as an on-time payment listed as late

Take steps to correct any errors so that your credit score will not be impacted negatively.


Examine your budget and make the necessary cuts

Do you know what you’re spending on? Check out everything that is costing you money and see what are the things you can cut back on. Start again with a new budget to maximize your savings rate. Utilize four weeks’ income as your monthly revenue for accounting purposes. It’s a good idea to start with your target savings rate as the first “expense” in your budget. After that, add other costs so that your budget is built around your savings rate. Remember, savings should not be a last-minute decision based on what’s leftover at the end of the month.


Get a secured credit card.

If you have poor or no credit, you’ll need a credit account to show that you’ve made on-time payments in the past. Secured credit cards are a low-cost and convenient way to accomplish this. How does a secured credit card work?

The secured credit card functions similarly to a regular credit card and reports to the credit bureaus as usual. Your cash is held in trust by your credit card provider as collateral. Therefore, the card company is protected against default, which is needed due to your shaky credit history. The good news is that these training wheels do not have to be used indefinitely. You can then move on to a regular credit card once your credit history has improved.


Take out a credit-building loan.

Credit-builder loans, a relatively new addition to the realm of personal finance, report to credit agencies in the same way that traditional installment loans do. Instead of borrowing from a lender, you effectively lend money to yourself, which the “lender” holds in an escrow account for you. You select a loan period and amount when you open an account with the lender. You then agree to make regular monthly payments to the lender for the loan duration, which the lender will hold in an escrow account for you. You get your money back after the loan term, minus a modest fee that the lender gets for setting up your escrow account and reporting your on-time payments each month. Some credit-builder lenders allow you to set up automatic monthly payments to make it even easier to build credit by establishing a solid payment history.


Pay off any unsecured debts you have.

Most unsecured debts have high interest rates. So, if you have any loans, whether school loans or other debts that aren’t secured by a home or car, pay them off as soon as possible. Paying off these debts improves your credit by lowering your balance ratios. It also helps to improve your overall financial situation by eliminating high-interest loans. 

Try asking companies you owe money to for conditions or terms if you find that you can’t pay for your loans immediately. Many companies have set up programs to help you cut your payments or postpone them, especially now because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Make all of your payments on time.

Yes, it’s easier said than done, but don’t be fooled; timely payments are essential. Late payments are recorded on your account for seven years. Their impact on your credit score fades with time, but remember that your payment history accounts for 35% of your credit score!

Set up automatic payments if you’re able to pay on time but have been late because you have a lot of other things on your to-do list, or you’re simply forgetful.


Get help from a credit repair service.

If you’re having a hard time doing things by yourself, maybe it’s time to employ the services of a credit repair service in Anderson, SC. Look no further than us at Next Level Credit. We offer personalized options that we will fit to your exact repair needs. While repair is happening, we will have a case analyst and case advisor working personally with you throughout the entire process. You will get 24/7 access to your case status and will always have updated information.

We offer free consultations – contact us now and let us help you repair your credit.


Above all else, don’t stray from your goal.

Don’t sabotage your stability once you’ve regained it. It may take a few months for your credit score to improve and a few years to get back on your feet, depending on how bad your credit mistakes are, but don’t feel bad. Just start with the basics and go slowly and gradually.  Avoid overspending, don’t abuse your credit, and save aside money to cover any future shortfalls. 

As long as you’re taking steps, there will be improvements. And by all means, guard against developing further negative financial habits.